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With its no-drill installation and unique design, this cable tray is perfect for any desk setup. In this review, I will share my personal experience with using this product and provide a conclusion on its effectiveness.

I recently purchased the Cinati Cable Management Tray for my home office desk, and I must say, it has made a significant difference in the organization of my cables. The no-drill installation was a breeze, as I simply clamped the tray onto my desk frame. This not only saved me from damaging my desk but also allowed me to easily change its position whenever needed.

The anti-scratch mats provided with the cable tray were a thoughtful addition. They prevented the clips from scratching the desktop, unlike other wire organizers I have tried in the past. I also appreciated the flexibility of mounting the desk wire organizer inward or outward, depending on my cable management needs. This made it much more convenient for collecting and organizing wires.

The sturdy metal construction of the cable tray gives me confidence that it will withstand the test of time. The fully welded and powder-coated design ensures that it is resistant to rust and dust accumulation. I was also impressed by its capacity to hold up to 10lbs of cables, and the dimensions were perfect for my desk.

Under Desk Cable Management Tray: Easy Installation and Versatility

Under Desk Cable Management Tray

By offering a hassle-free installation process, the Under Desk Cable Management Tray White by Cinati eliminates the need for drilling holes in your desk. Unlike other cable management systems that require screws, this tray can be easily hung directly on desk frames and can be repositioned as needed. With its clamp design, it can be installed on any material, whether it’s wood, glass, or any other desk surface. This flexibility allows for easy customization to fit your specific desk setup.

Unique and Effective Cable Organization

Under Desk Cable Management Tray

Its unique design is one standout feature of the Cinati Cable Management Tray. Equipped with anti-scratch mats, this tray prevents any damage to your desk surface. Additionally, the opening of the tray can be mounted inward or outward, depending on your preference. This design allows for convenient collection and organization of wires, making it easier to keep your workspace neat and tidy. Say goodbye to tangled and messy cables with this effective wire organizer.

Under Desk Cable Management Tray: Sturdy and Durable Construction

Under Desk Cable Management Tray

Key to cable management is durability. The Cinati Cable Management Tray is constructed with sturdy metal that is fully welded and powder coated. This ensures its long-lasting performance and resistance to rust and dust accumulation. With a weight capacity of up to 10lbs and a compact size of 13.4L x 4.6W x 3.1H, this tray is capable of securely holding various cables and cords. It is the ideal cord organizer for desks within a thickness range of 0.4″ to 2.4″.

Maximize Storage Space and Eliminate Clutter

Under Desk Cable Management Tray

Say goodbye to cable clutter and make the most out of your storage space with the Under Desk Cable Management Tray. This tray allows you to organize data cables, power cords, and outlet strips, keeping them off the floor and out of sight. By hiding wires from your feet, you can maintain a clean and tidy workspace. This cable management solution is not only suitable for office desks but can also be used in kitchens and other areas of your home, providing a versatile and effective organizing solution.

Under Desk Cable Management Tray: Complete Cable Management Kit

Under Desk Cable Management Tray

When you buy the Cinati Cable Management Tray, you’ll get a comprehensive kit that includes everything you need for efficient cable organization. The kit includes one cable tray, four cable clips, and six cable ties. These additional accessories further enhance the functionality of the tray, allowing for a seamless and organized cable management system. Whether you’re looking to tidy up your office or beautify your home, this cable management kit is a valuable addition to your space.

Under Desk Cable Management Tray: Real User Reviews

Users have given positive feedback for the Under Desk Cable Management Tray by Cinati. Many have praised its easy installation process and versatility, allowing them to customize their cable organization. Users have also appreciated the unique design and anti-scratch mats, ensuring the protection of their desk surfaces. The durability and sturdiness of the tray have also been highlighted, along with its ability to effectively eliminate cable clutter. Overall, this cable management solution has received high ratings and positive recommendations from satisfied customers.


  • No Need to Drill Holes – The under desk cable management tray can be easily hanged directly to desk frames without causing any damage to your desk. This makes it convenient to install on any type of desk material.
  • Unique-Designed Management – The cable tray comes with anti-scratch mats to prevent any damage to your desktop. It also has a flexible opening that can be mounted inward or outward of your desk, providing convenience when collecting and organizing wires.
  • Qualified Organizer – Made of sturdy metal, this cable tray is resistant to rust and dust accumulation. It can hold up to 10lbs and is suitable for desks within 0.4″ to 2.4″ thick. It is a durable and reliable cord organizer for long-term use.


  • Narrow Basket Size – Some users mentioned that the basket is narrow and small, limiting the space for organizing cables. However, it fits power strips well.
  • Cable Management Rubber Cord Holders – Some users found the included rubber cord holders to be of low quality. They didn’t stick well and were too inflexible to insert cables. However, the velcro straps provided are effective for cable management.
  • Measure Desk Overhang – It is important to measure the overhang of your desk before purchasing this cable tray. Some users experienced issues with fitting the tray against the desk frame due to incorrect measurements.


    In conclusion, the Cinati Under Desk Cable Management Tray is an excellent investment for anyone looking to declutter their workspace. Its no-drill installation, unique design, and sturdy construction make it a practical and efficient cable management solution. Say goodbye to messy and tangled wires, and hello to a clean and organized desk. I highly recommend this product for both office and home use.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Can this cable tray be installed on any type of desk?

    Answer: Yes, the under desk cable management tray can be installed on any wood, glass, or other materials used for desks. It can be hanged directly to desk frames without the need for drilling holes.

    Question: Is the cable tray sturdy enough to hold heavy cables?

    Answer: Yes, the cable tray is made of sturdy metal and can hold up to 10lbs of weight. It is designed to securely hold data cables, power cords, and outlet strips.

    Question: Are there any additional accessories included with this cable tray?

    Answer: Yes, the under table cable management kit contains 1 cable tray, 4 cable clips, and 6 cable ties. It also comes with anti-scratch mats for protecting your desk surface.